Selenium Chrome Driver: Resolve Error Messages Regarding Registry Keys and Experimental Options

dToday’s post is about a few error messages I countered while developing a framework with Selenium Web Driver with chrome. I have been seeing the messageDevTools listening on ws:// For quite some time, but could not find any clue, and since it was not preventing my tests from running, I decided to leave it. I later learnt it might be… Read more →

Protractor: Detect the type of browser the tests are running against

In my earlier posts here and here, I discussed how to configure protractor for single capabilities and multi-capabilities. In this post I will talk about how to detect the type of browser(s) that the tests are running against (ex. Chrome, Firefox etc.). The reason for doing so, because often times we are facing problems where we want to define certain… Read more →

Configure Protractor to Run on Firefox with Single Capability

I have been developing tests using SerenityJS, which has Protractor running underneath it, to perform UI testing in a BDD fashion. The tests have been developed initially on MacOS with Chrome, as the tests mature, we wanted to extends our tests to run Firefox on MacOS.. Firefox uses the Gecko Driver. After some trial and error as well as extended… Read more →

Config Github to Use SSH Key Pairs

Using SSH Key Pairs when working with a remote git repository (ex. GitHub) could save a lot of trouble and it is more secure. We will show you how to config GitHub using key pair you have generated today. (To see how to generate a key pair, you can see how to do it in Windows using PuttyGen here, or… Read more →

Generate SSH Key Pair using PuttyGen

Today we will go through the steps to generate SSH Key pair using PuttyGen on Windows. So let’s get started:   In your Windows, press start, then search for “PuttyGen” to launch the application Use PuttyGen to create a public key and private key pair Copy the public key in its entirety and save it somewhere (alternatively, click on the… Read more →

Windows 7 to Windows 10 Upgrade: Fix The api-ms-win-core-libraryloader-l1-1-1.dll Is Missing Error

Recently I have been upgrading my windows systems to Windows 10 as the deadline for free upgrade was approaching. I first tried to upgrading my HP laptop which has Windows 8 installed, the upgrade went smoothly without a glitch. However when upgrading from Windows 7 I encountered the error:   api-ms-win-core-libraryloader-l1-1-1.dll Is missing The information is rather vague, it simply… Read more →

Git – Merge Unrelated histories

I have a set of code which worked on before but never version controlled. I was trying to push it to Github by creating a new repo on Github with some git ignore config files and, then initialize, add and commit the local repo with:

However when I try to pull from the remote repo on Github, an… Read more →